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Parsons Thesis Exhibition + Promo Cards


Hey all you lovely people, 
My senior thesis exhibition is around the corner and I’ll be having my promo cards made in the next 3 weeks. If you’re in New York, feel free to come to the show if you’d like. I’d love to have your presence :) It’s on Tues, May 20th at Milk Gallery. Even if you’re not in New York and would like a promo, email me your addresses at!

Tangerine &#8220;桔&#8221;February 2014
Sorry I haven&#8217;t been posting. With thesis full on, I&#8217;ve been really stressed and it sucks because I haven&#8217;t been photographing as much as I should. My teacher Justine told me that sometimes it means your project is coming to an end. I don&#8217;t think that&#8217;s the case with my project though. I&#8217;ve been thinking a lot about my pictures and how they work and what they are trying to do. I wanted a story and I felt that&#8217;s what&#8217;s been missing. Or maybe I need to really start sequencing. I am making a book for my thesis and so I&#8217;ve been thinking about pairing and how images work together. For the image on the left, I went back to places my siblings and I spent a lot of time in when we were younger but never visit anymore. I realized how much has changed but at the same time how much remained the same. These may or may not work but for now, it&#8217;s an exercise. View this bigger: